Meet Hayk Manukyan

Our Hayk Animation Collection is a collaboration with the Armenian-American artist and animator Hayk Manukyan from Los Angeles, CA. Hayk works on 2D & 3D animations for renowned studios such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, FOX, HBO, Comedy Central, CN, Nickelodeon and MTV. His work can be seen in films like The Incredible Hulk, Alvin and The Chipmunks the Movie, and in TV shows such as The Ricky Gervais Show and Teen Titans Go! 

In his spare time, Hayk has poured his creativity into an original series of animated shorts about a subject matter that's near and dear to his heart; an Armenian family living in Glendale California. These characters span from the all-familiar traditional Armenian household, with creative storylines, great humor, a pinch of sarcasm and skillful animation. 

Harut was created by Hayk Manukyan in 2005 for an animated short about an Armenian boxer named Vartan Dartanyan. Harut was a side character playing the fight commentator but quickly became an audience favorite. After that Hayk created a series of animated shorts starring Harut in different funny situations either based on Armenian jokes or actual events in Hayk’s life. Harut became a way for Hayk (a reserved introvert), to express himself and his world. At one time he even played Harut in a series of live action YouTube videos. Recently Hayk who gained a reputation online as the animator of dances for the Teen Titans Go shows intros decided to have his own character Harut dancing as well, which turned Harut into an international superstar with over 6 million views on Instagram, tiktok, Twitter and YouTube.

Now you can see Harut come to life and show off his fantastic dance skills on AnahitCo Products, through the magic of the Augmented Reality app Arloopa.

The merchandise marked with (AR) at the end of the name, are products which come to life through the magic of Augmented Reality. 

Follow the instructions in the below link to activate.
Augmented Reality (AR) Merchandise – AnahitCo
Note: Works best on flat surfaces