About Us

AnahitCo was founded in 2019 by Yeva M. a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California, who was passionate about sharing her Armenian heritage with the world. 
While raising a family in the diaspora, she recognized an increasing challenge that many parents were facing. The necessity to find more creative, innovative, fun, and engaging ways to introduce the Armenian history and culture to the younger generations. In the modern world of advanced technologies, sensory overload and accelerated lifestyles, enriching a young person's cultural identity and helping to sustain it, is a difficult task. 

She decided to pour her deep cultural knowledge, creative skills, design industry experience, and passion for teaching, into AnahitCo. Through collaboration with other like-minded people, our team is designing a series of materials, which will create positive and fun learning experiences for the whole family, using fashion, accessories and home goods. We hope our design pieces will help to enhance your knowledge for the Armenian heritage and embrace your culture. One of our main goals is to promote love & respect for one another, empower one's compassion towards cultures and diversity.

Our mission is to enrich your cultural experience every day. We're passionate about what we're doing and hope to have your support in growing our venture. AnhitCo is looking forward to creating, collaborating and growing with you. Let's share the wealth of culture with the world and future generations.