Activate (AR) Merchandise

If you've bought an AR product from us, then see it come to life by following the instructions below. 

Active AR

See Video Instructions

See artwork and designs on merchandise come to life through the magic of Augmented Reality technology. We've created a platform, to elevate the art & product viewing experience to a new level. 

AR visualization tool brings the physical and digital worlds together as one. It places virtual content into the real environment, creating innovative, interactive and magical experiences. All you need, is to is download the AR/VR app Arloopa and use your smartphone/tablet like 3D glasses to see static flat images come to life through motion, sound or video. It's a magical and an unforgettable immersive experience.

Please note, this technology works best on flat surfaces.

We have also launched location-based AR Art Showrooms, which include select works of art with our artists and a documentary video about the Ellipsis art exhibit. These galleries are active in 10 cities around the world.
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