• Meet Hayk Manukyan

    Meet the creative animator behind "Harut".
  • Activate (AR) Merchandise

    Experience the magic of AR, when you activate this feature on the images used on AnahitCo's merchandise. See static images come to life through animation, music and video. Follow the below instructions or See Video Instructions.

    AR Activation

  • "Ellipsis" Augmented Reality (AR) Gallery In 10 Cities

    Augmented Reality Art Exhibit "Ellipsis" launched Virtually in 10 cities around the world to connect the Armenian communities in the Diaspora, Armenia and Artsakh through Art & Technology. This was a passion project that is a result of the collaboration between AnahitCo, Artsakh Art & Arloopa. The project was designed to create a platform & support for young Armenian Artist worldwide and to raise funds for wounded soldier of Armenia.

     Ellipsis AR Art Gallery